This site was created to share my Ham Radio interests / experiences while BackCountry Hiking, Mountain Biking  and Overlanding. I was first licensed in (10/2017), but I recently passed my General upgrade (3/2018) and now I am currently studying for the Extra upgrade exam and have plans on learning CW afterwards as well.

My current Radio Equipment: (updated 12/27/17)

  • Baofeng BF-F8HP w/ Nagoya NA-701 antenna (portable) (I know cheap, but they work)
  • For mobile usage I use the HT above with a Nagoya UT-72 magnetic mount antenna

My future wish list is an upgraded HT probably a Yaesu for portable use or possibly an Elecraft KX3. I am also looking at some sort of HF mobile unit for the vehicle or I may try to dual utilize the KX3 for both and add the 2M module.

I have no plans for an official “Base Station” per say as I will either use whatever I end up with from above for portable/mobile and maybe have a permanent antenna / amp if needed.

My main usage will be portable / mobile so something low powered (not necessarily QRP but real close) that can be run from batteries / solar while off the beaten path without dragging around 10’s  of extra pounds of weight around on my back.

I opted for a vanity call sign right after I received my Technicians license and before I even went on the air, the reason I chose N2LNX is because I am a technical guy and heavily utilize the Linux operating system (Debian specifically) so the call sign was a phonetic play that I am “into Linux”.

My grid location : FN02mx