The HF radio search begins…

So after using my Baofeng HT for a few months now and getting my feet wet with this whole “Ham Radio thing” , I realize that while I enjoy 2M or 70cm utilizing repeaters, I feel I am really missing out on the bigger Ham Radio picture.

Granted I am pretty A.D.D. so that may be part of it too but since I am about ready to tackle the General Exam, The HF radio search begins, so I can enjoy the other frequencies and expand my contact region and experience.

As mentioned previously I would love to get a KX3 but the unit I want fully configured is just shy of $2k which is a little hard to justify right now and that still doesnt give me the 70cm that I currently use locally and I havent been lucky enough to land one of the good priced used units.

With that said I have started considering a Yaesu 817nd as it gives me the entire frequency range I am looking for, the portability I want and its a much cheaper radio to get into now.

I know its a much older unit than the KX3 but through all the posts I have read about both radios both positive and negative, it seems many have both which is ultimately where I will probably end up eventually as well.

The plus side is I am looking at getting a Elecraft 100 watt amp down the road (for base station usage) and that is compatible with both radios so it would not matter which one I have with me.

I will post a follow up once I have ended up with one of these radios but I would encourage input from anyone with either or both of these radios to help me with my decision as I am truly on the fence at the moment.